Reasons Why Girls Should Not Get Pregnant

Young girls becoming pregnant at an early age is a common thing across several countries. According to statistics, America has the highest pregnancy rate among teenagers. In this article, we will explain the reasons why girls should not get pregnant. Here are a few reasons why girls should not get pregnant.

being pregnant for the first timeIncreased Responsibility.

Most young girls don’t know what it means to put someone else, in this case, a baby, ahead of their own. Since they are young themselves and still have a lot of needs, they cannot take care of babies since babies have a high maintenance and require full-time care. This is something that most young girls cannot afford and as such can lead to the poor upbringing of the babies.

Delayed Education.

Most young girls who get pregnant are often in junior school, high school, or perhaps just about to join college. In this situation, the pregnancy hinders them from continuing their education. Others may opt to wait till they give birth and take care of the baby at the early stages of their lives before going back to school, thus delaying their academic progress. Due to the huge responsibility that comes with babies, others may decide to get married rather than pursuing their education.

safe foods to eat while pregnantEmotional crisis.

Most young girls don’t like the fact that they are pregnant and don’t want to be mothers at that young age and as such may suffer emotionally. This emotional crisis may lead them to do unaccepted acts such as an attempt to abort the pregnancy or even commit suicide.

Medical complications.

In young girls, medical complications often occur since most girls do not seek medical care during their pregnancy period. This is due to lack of knowledge or finance to go for routine checkout. Complications that may occur include high blood pressure, toxemia, anemia, premature birth or even placenta previa and may threaten the mother or well-being of the unborn child.

Teenage pregnancy is common in most places and the only way out is to teach young girls about the risks involved in getting pregnant at an early age. It is the responsibility of parents as well as teachers to teach young girls. Otherwise, we will have a society full of young mothers.

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