Female And Orogenic Androgenic Alopecia In Women

It is the same type of disorder in hair growth, and its causes are the same as in men, although the symptoms in women are somewhat different. The female androgenetic alopecia also called FAGA is produced by the increase in male hormones, testosterone in the hair follicle of the scalp of women.how to stop hair falling out

Unlike men, these changes appear in different phases. One of them is in menopause. The symptom, a weakening and thinning of each hair of the head, showing less density and thinning.

At the same time that there is less amount of hair it is frequent to notice how the facial hair is thicker and harder, even body hair can appear.

Women with androgenic alopecia usually have family history in the form of male and female pattern baldness.To solve this hair disorder, there are different solutions and remedies that we see in the following section.

Better treatments for androgenic alopecia

   Finasteride for men, Antiandrogens for women, Minoxidil, Propecia,Proscar.

Most treatments for male pattern baldness and alopecia are focused on giving results in men and women. The drugs for female alopecia are pills and capsules with active ingredients tested in countless cases. These works in women but there are also positive effects on men and, something essential are that they are approved and authorized by the Ministry of Health of Spain.

However, in addition to those mentioned there are some supplements food supplements that cover the deficiencies of trace elements, vitamins, minerals and enzymes and can be purchased in the form of capsules and pills to grow hair again.

Finasteride for men

This is, due to the results and studies developed one of the best treatments for androgenic alopecia in women and men. It is a medicine developed by the pharmaceutical Merck and, at present, it is also available in other pharmaceutical laboratories.

The origin of finasteride is to treat the prostate, but part of its side effects are stopping hair loss and increasing hair growth. So what in the beginning were adverse effects, in the end, have become properties and benefits for the hair and scalp.

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