Ring Worm Cure: Eliminate Ring Worm Without the Help of a Doctor

Ringworm is one of the most common and contagious skin infection. It is usually caused by the fungus Trichophyton rubrum that is thriving in warm and moist areas. When left untreated, it can infect a lot of areas in the skin. Usually, infections caused by ringworm results in reddish, very itchy and scaly round areas on your skin that can be very irritating to many people.how to get rid of ringworm with bleach

Having a ringworm can be a very traumatic experience, and you may want not to go out of your home anymore as you have fears of transferring the infection to other people. Treat your ringworm at the comforts of your home without needing your doctor’s help with these natural remedies.


This common kitchen spice can be very beneficial to your health. It brings a lot of benefits as you ingest or apply it to a part of your skin. Garlic can be used topically to treat ringworms naturally. It contains natural chemicals namely allicin and ajoene that has antibacterial and antifungal properties that fight a lot of skin infections including ringworm.ringworm nhs

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar has become popular nowadays because of its several health benefits and now became a usual and staple in majority of home health cabinets. The health benefits brought by the apple cider vinegar is usually caused by the acetic acid present in the vinegar, which antifungal properties is a very effective treatment for skin infections like ringworm.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil is a very favorite essential oil by everyone especially by Australians. It has been incorporated to shampoos and several hair products. It is also proven to be very effective in treating cuts, burns and skin infections.


Another kitchen spice with great health benefits is the turmeric. It contains several effective antibiotic properties that will surely help you get rid of that annoying ringworm in no time.

ringworm pregnancyAloe Vera

Aloe Vera is not just effective in treating sunburns, but also an effective natural remedy for a lot of skin infections and problems such as ringworm.

Colloidal Silver

Colloidal Silver is a kind of antibiotic which is very natural and can kill a lot of dangerous microorganisms including the fungus that causes ringworm.

Having ringworms can be a very irritating situation, aside from the hassle it can bring you in your everyday life. Say goodbye to those itchy ringworms by using these natural remedies.

Thinning Hair: Herbal Solution to Get Rid of Thinning Hair

People in the past have resorted in using natural herbs and remedies to keep their hair thick, lively and healthy, as hair restoration by means of using chemicals and surgery doesn’t exist in those times. There are a lot of reasons why you lose some hair or experience hair thinning but the usual causes include stress, skin and scalp infections, side effect of medications taken, hereditary, and a quick change in the way you eat. Regardless of the reason why you experience hair thinning, here are some of the most effective herbal natural remedies that you can use regularly to help you grow a healthier and thicker hair.hair thinning treatment female

Amla Fruit

The Amla Fruit, or more known as the Indian Gooseberry, contains high levels of vitamin c, antioxidants and anti-microbial ingredients. It also has a lot of fatty acids that can be used as a conditioner to help you moisturize and make your hair follicles and root much stronger. Amla can be applied to your hair as a powder, dried or even fresh and use it to promote healthier and thicker hair growth. You can also use amla to mask or prevent gray hair from growing.

Egg Whites

Eggs are known to be very rich in protein, iron, zinc, sulfur and selenium. Coincidentally, these properties are what our hair needs to promote better growth. Combining egg whites with extra virgin olive oil, which is also a very known natural moisturizer that is rich in Vitamin E, can be a very effective treatment for your scalp. The mixture can reduce hair loss by enriching and nourishing your scalp, and also helps stimulate blood flow and oxygen to each of your har strands.

Onion Juice

It may seem weird for you to apply onion juice to your scalp or even on any parts of your body, but if you want to treat yourself naturally from hair loss, then you must overcome it. Onions are rich in sulfur, and sulfur is known to be a stimulant that can increase production of collagen to your skin. Decreased collagen is scientifically proven to be a cause of hair thinning so stimulating collagen production in your skin using onion juice is something you may want to consider.

Protein-rich foods

Taking large masses of protein rich foods aids your body in producing keratin, the main structural ingredient of your hair, nails and skin. Eating protein rich foods such as pork, beef, fish, chicken, eggs, yogurt, soy and nuts can surely help you fight hair thinning and stimulate growth of new hair follicles.

Natural rinsesfemale hair loss vitamins

These herbs can be boiled and strained, and the herbal water can be used to rinse your hair and treat hair thinning and loss.

The anti-inflammatory properties of basil can help make your hair stronger, reducing hair fall and hair breaking incidents. It can also improve the blood circulation in your hair follicles to promote growth.

The natural chemicals found in licorice root is also proven to be very helpful in preventing hair loss and can be used to treat dandruff, fungal infections and protect your hair from any damage done by chemicals.

Natural Oils

There are also a lot of essential oils that has the needed nutrients that can help you prevent hair loss and promote hair growth. Ginger root oil is known to improve circulation and hair growth and treat dandruff. Apply ginger root oil directly to your scalp and hair or combine it with other kinds of oil.

Aside from its lovely fragrance, lavender oil is also proven to be anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal and is also an antiseptic. These properties make lavender oil a very effective treatment in curing hair loss. You don’t have to undergo a surgery or risk damaging your hair to treat your thinning scalp. Consider these natural remedies and enjoy that healthy and thick hair in no time.


The Best Foods you Need to Eat During Pregnancy

Being pregnant is a very exciting time in your life. It is the 9-month period of your life wherein you have to be careful in what you do, you eat, you drink and everything as it can have an effect to that little kid on your tummy. Aside from this, your body has to go through several major changes.

what to eat during pregnancy for fair babyThese will require you and your baby full dosages of several vitamins, minerals and nutrients to maintain your good health and be strong. To consume the most vitamins and nutrients needed by your body during pregnancy, here are some of the best foods you need to eat during pregnancy.


Eggs are your cheapest source of protein and choline that will benefit you and your baby. Choline is one of the most needed nutrients to promote a better brain development of your baby. It also drastically reduces the risk of having defects in the neural tubes like the spina bifida. But for you to get the most out of the egg, you need to eat it in whole as a lot of choline can be found in the yolk.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are known for its richness in fiber, vitamin B6, potassium, iron, vitamin C, copper and beta carotene. Other kinds of foods can be also rich in these nutrients, but sweet potatoes do have the most beta carotene among others. Beta carotene is the antioxidant your body converts into vitamin A, which is very needed by the baby to develop healthy skin, eyes and bones. It can be also a great way for you to increase your iron levels and make your blood much thicker and richer.


Nuts are very known to contain much protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals and magnesium. Magnesium helps pregnant women reduce their risk of having premature labor. It also contributes to a healthier nervous system of your baby. If you don’t want to eat nuts, then are you nuts?pregnancy diet week by week

Lean Meat

Lean meat is your number one source of protein, iron and B vitamins. It is very beneficial to you as you will need an increased amount of protein as you may want your baby to grow healthier and that their muscles would go and develop properly.

These are just but a few essential foods to eat while you are on your pregnancy. Make sure to eat a lot of them until the day your baby comes out in the world happens to ensure a healthy and strong baby until he grows up.

Menopause and Hair Loss

menopause and hair loss will it grow backYou may be experiencing hair loss, thinning of your eyebrows or growth of facial hair. These are some of the common symptoms of menopause. But what causes this? How can I avoid these problems? Continue reading, and we tell you.

Hair loss in menopause

Hair thinning is medically known as androgenic alopecia and occurs in about half of women over 50 years old. However, it can start at any time after puberty.

Several studies have shown that the emotional and psychological effects of hair loss are more severe in women than in men, leading to low self-esteem, anxiety and poor job performance.

While it is true that in menopause women experience a decrease in estrogen, research has shown that there may be more than one hormone involved in hair loss. The loss of progesterone and alterations in thyroid hormones during menopause also seem to be partly to blame.

Other causes of hair loss are stress levels, nutrient deficiency or disease. If your hair loss is sudden, it is recommended to perform a blood test to rule out excessive levels of androgens, a hormone that stimulates male sexual characteristics. Thyroid tests, glycemia and a rheumatoid evaluation are also recommended every year.

symptoms of perimenopause at 45Treatment for hair loss in menopause

If you are concerned about hair loss or the growth of unwanted facial hair, it is essential that you visit your doctor for an examination. Analyze how your diet is, levels of stress, sleep, and exercise. All these are an integral part of a healthy style. Women after 50 years should choose to consume a multivitamin supplement, since the ability to absorb specific nutrients such as calcium, vitamin D, iron, decrease.

Your doctor may recommend some medications such as estrogen, minoxidil (Rogaine), steroids or metformin, commonly used for type 2 diabetes. If your thyroid levels are altered, your doctor may prescribe thyroid hormones.

Green tea and white tea are rich in antioxidants that can protect your body from exposure to free radicals.

If you have had a weight loss, this may affect hair loss. Try to maintain a healthy weight and avoid extreme dieting. Doing 30 minutes of exercise a day is recommended as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Stress is the nightmare of the modern life. However, it is one of the most common risk factors for chronic diseases.So make a balance in your life and if you go very stressed look for ways to relax such as yoga, Pilates, exercise, go for a walk with the dog, read a book, among others. Remember to get enough sleep, at least 7 hours a day.

This Is The Female Alopecia That Claims To Have Kayla Itsines

kayla itsines recipesThe known influence of fitness Kayla It sines has confided to a problem that many women suffer and few dare to say publicly shame. It sines has explained in her Instagram account that she always wears a bow and often uses extensions because her hair is getting thinner and weaker every day. A problem also suffered by his mother and grandmother as he comments. And is that in your family there is a history of female Propecia.

But Itsines is not the only woman who dares to talk about the problem. Other women tell their stories on the Women’s Hair Loss Project blog, which serves as a meeting point for all those women who suffer alopecia feel supported.

What It Is And Why It Occurs

It is the most common reason for hair loss in women. What usually happens is that, with the passage of time, the hair follicles shrink-follicular miniaturization-so that the hair is getting thinner and shorter until it finally stops producing new, according to the National Library of Medicine. The United States.

kayla itsines ageAmong the possible causes of this problem are aging, hormonal changes such as menopause, physical and emotional stress, weight loss or family history.

Hair loss, both in women and men, occurs due to shortening of the hair growth phases – anagen phase – and lengthening of the resting time between detachment and the beginning of growth – telogen phase.

However, the thinning pattern of the hair is different from the male, it usually begins with a widening around the root until most of the capillary mass of the upper part and crown of the scalp is lost, while that the front implantation line usually remains unchanged. Unlike men, it rarely ends in total alopecia.

The Ludwig scale is usually used as a classification system to measure the degree of baldness. Type I is a minimal thinning that can be camouflaged with artistic techniques. Type II is characterized by a decrease in volume and a notable widening of the middle part of the line. While type III describes significant hair loss in the upper part of the head.

Androgenetic alopecia involves the action of hormones called androgens, necessary for healthy male sexual development and fundamental in sexual desire or the regulation of hair growth in both sexes. It can be either a genetic issue or an underlying endocrine condition, such as the overproduction of androgens or a tumor that secretes them in the ovary, pituitary gland or adrenal gland.

The prevalence increases with age, 12% represents women between 20 and 29 years old, while more than 50% are older than 80 years. Although it is not something dangerous, it can generate a lot of stress, anxiety, low self-esteem, isolation and depression in patients, because due to social dictations, hair is one of the ‘most ingrained attributes of femininity.’


The most common and effective treatments are usually taking oral antiandrogens and topical Minoxidil, while some patients resort to non-pharmacological therapies such as advice for cosmetic camouflage and hair transplantation.

If there is an excessive loss, a specialist, either a dermatologist or a trichologist, will be asked to determine the origin of the fall. A test is usually done to check for signs of inflammation or infection and to look for other possible causes such as thyroid problems and iron deficiency.

Simple Ways to Boost Women Libido Level

over the counter female viagraHigh sex drive or rather a high libido as known to many, is an essential part of any woman’s emotional wellness as well as her adult relationship. Sex drive in women differ and is likely to change over a period due to circumstances that may not be avoided or treated.

According to research, about 50% of women across the globe suffer from low libido and about 75% of them suffering from reduced sex drive. Low libido is not a medical condition and can only be treated if it is a male-female problem.

Stress is the most common cause of low libido in women, so being relaxed can be a therapy. Today, there are several products in the market that are believed to boost libido in women, but there are several simple and natural ways you can use daily that will help you boost libido in women and improve their sex life. Here are simples ways that can help boost libido in women and improve their sexual life:

Just do it.

Making love occasionally with your partner is essential when it comes to boosting libido in women. The more you involve yourself in love-making, the easier it is to be sexually stimulated. However, resisting sex will make your body forget about its sex drive and eventually lead to low libido. Regular sex keeps the juices flowing as well as helping your partner feel good about the relationship, keeps you intact, and helps improve your own libido.

Always allow your partner to touch you sexually, whether you are in the mood or not. As you do this, the nerves connected to parts of the brain will stimulate sexual excitement and physical arousal is likely to happen next.

Using of arousal gels.

Arousal gels are also good at stimulating the sex drives and eventually get you into the body. There are several over-the-counter gels, massage oils, and lubricant that can be used to boost your libido. Arousal gels can help you improve the pleasant sensation and get you into the mood. The gel can be applied to the genital area including the clitoris to boost sensitivity and create warmth to improve enjoyment during sexual intercourse.

De-stress before sex.

Like I said before, stress can be a major cause of low libido in women. Daily life stresses such as those in workplaces, relationship stress, health, and children among others, can affect your sex life in a way that you may not realize.

When the body is stressed, it produces more cortisol hormone. This hormone is required in small amounts in the body and if an excess of it is produced, the sexual desire can greatly be reduced. It is therefore essential that before you get into bed, find some time to get rid of the stress by doing things such as yoga, listening to cool music or even having a warm bath. Engage your brain in sexual fantasies as it will help you increase your sex desire and in turn increases the possibility of you initiating it.

Physical contact.

how to increase male libido

Having physical contact with your partner is also a great way to enhance libido in women. Physical contact, not only makes you feel better but also increases your sexual desire.

Little acts of touching and kissing your partner, especially freely, triggers your body to secret the oxytocin hormone, which enhances closeness and arousal. It is therefore essential that you touch and cuddle your partner anytime you can so as to prompt feelings of intimacy that will eventually trigger sexual desire.

Examine your relationship.

Low libido in women can also be caused by problems outside the bedroom. Problems such as minor disagreements in the house can make you not to want to have sex with your man.

As these problems persist, you are likely to hate sex the more and eventually develop low sexual desire. In such a case, it is important that you solve your problems or seek the help of a professional relationship therapist who will initiate communication between the two of you. Once you get into good terms, your sexual desire will be restored and you will be able to enjoy your sexual life.

Have a good exercises and diet plan.

A bad diet can affect female libido, just as lack of physical activities or exercising may leads to certain physical or emotional strain and thus affect your sexual ability and libido.

Avoid eating canned foods and food rich in fats. Instead, go for organic food, fresh and whole food. Basically, a good diet plan will supply you with nutrients essential for brain health as well as sexual stamina. Fatty acids and proteins are well-known foods that will help you maintain physical and emotional health.

We recommend regular light working outs like walking, running, body twisting and even strolling in the park, but consistently. And if you care to take things higher, you may join a local gym under an instructor.

Should you take supplements like endurance, energy boosting and toned muscle gaining supplements? That depends, but sports and fitness supplements like creatine, whey, protein mixture will certainly boost your activities and helps libido. However you should open your yes to avoid snake oil marketers and saw dust products, read before and after users reviews online, buy from reputable companies and ask experience ladies to lead you.

There are still more ways that can help you boost your libido, but the above-mentioned methods have been proved to work well in women. Sexual satisfaction is everyone’s desire so don’t let low libido ruin your sexual life.

Reasons Why Girls Should Not Get Pregnant

Young girls becoming pregnant at an early age is a common thing across several countries. According to statistics, America has the highest pregnancy rate among teenagers. In this article, we will explain the reasons why girls should not get pregnant. Here are a few reasons why girls should not get pregnant.

being pregnant for the first timeIncreased Responsibility.

Most young girls don’t know what it means to put someone else, in this case, a baby, ahead of their own. Since they are young themselves and still have a lot of needs, they cannot take care of babies since babies have a high maintenance and require full-time care. This is something that most young girls cannot afford and as such can lead to the poor upbringing of the babies.

Delayed Education.

Most young girls who get pregnant are often in junior school, high school, or perhaps just about to join college. In this situation, the pregnancy hinders them from continuing their education. Others may opt to wait till they give birth and take care of the baby at the early stages of their lives before going back to school, thus delaying their academic progress. Due to the huge responsibility that comes with babies, others may decide to get married rather than pursuing their education.

safe foods to eat while pregnantEmotional crisis.

Most young girls don’t like the fact that they are pregnant and don’t want to be mothers at that young age and as such may suffer emotionally. This emotional crisis may lead them to do unaccepted acts such as an attempt to abort the pregnancy or even commit suicide.

Medical complications.

In young girls, medical complications often occur since most girls do not seek medical care during their pregnancy period. This is due to lack of knowledge or finance to go for routine checkout. Complications that may occur include high blood pressure, toxemia, anemia, premature birth or even placenta previa and may threaten the mother or well-being of the unborn child.

Teenage pregnancy is common in most places and the only way out is to teach young girls about the risks involved in getting pregnant at an early age. It is the responsibility of parents as well as teachers to teach young girls. Otherwise, we will have a society full of young mothers.

Guide on How to Enhance Mother-Daughter Relationship

bad relationship with mother sonHaving a mother is such the greatest gift a son or daughter have. Mothers are one of the strongest and the most patient beings that we have. One of the strongest bond is of the mother to a daughter. Not because she is strong and concern because they both are female. And a mother has greater knowledge and want what’s best for her daughter.

A strong relationship is a must for parents especially for mothers and daughters. As a mother, you should guide your children, but at the same time you need to adjust in their own pace too. Some guidelines should be fostered.

  1. Always stick to the present

Make your relationship be focused on the present. Most of the time one of the reasons why a mother and a daughter have mishaps and arguments is because sometimes moms are bringing up the daughter’s or mother’s past as a weapon to win the argument.

  1. Settle down fast

After this argument you need to settle the argument down. As much as possible don’t let your anger grow inside before the sunset. Converse with one another.

  1. Accept each other’s mistake

Another thing that you have to do. Nobody’s perfect. Explain why you are wrong in the first place. Tell it in an authoritative way. It depends on your way of discipline. Authoritative approach is the best approach for your daughter. High in responsiveness, high in demanding ness. It should always be balance especially if you admit that one of the corners are wrong.

  1. Be open

toxic mother son relationship

A mother should let the daughter feel that she should be the one that she cam trust especially with some issues. Relationship will always be a two-way exchange. It would only get worst if you bottle it all up. You have to make sure that you know what is happening, especially with your daughter. As a mother you should be the first one to know if there is something wrong with your daughter. Encourage her. Tell her in a good way that you can take everything even if it will hurt your feelings.

  1. Always confess your love

This is a no-brainer. You should always tell each other “I Love You.” Those 3 words is so powerful, especially with your daughter. We only live ones. As much as possible tell each other numerous times.

As fathers said, you have all your friends. You can look for many, but you only one mother and daughter. These are the things that you can never replace. Cherish them as long as they are still here.

7 Most Popular Causes of Women Hair Loss

male or female pattern baldness treatmentsOne asset that women fix in their everyday routine is hair. For you women out there, you have so many things that you want to do other than make up and maintaining the health of your skin. Taking care of your hair should be on your list too. Our hair gives and defines our everyday look. Whatever the style is, you should be taking care of your hair. Have you ever noticed sometimes every time you comb your hair, there will be hair residues in your comb? Do you often have hair falls? Or have you experienced having hair loss? This is a major issue for women since hair defines the overall looks for women. As women, we should always be aware that this can happen too. You should always know some cases as to why hair loss can be possible and what you should do about it.

The hair has three cycle which is the growth phase, rest phase and shedding phase. Mentioned here are 7 causes why hair loss for women can be possible.


best hair loss treatment for femaleWhatever kind of stress, whether accident, flu or severe illness can cause hair loss. Even emotional stress can also be the reason especially if you have mental illnesses or certain emotional events. The type of this hair loss when it triggers the hair cycle by this kind of stress is called telogen effluvium. Stressful events can trigger the normal cycle of the hair having more hair loss than the usual.

Diagnosed as anemic

If you have an irregular cycle of your period then this might also be the reason of your hair loss. Because of Iron deficiency that is prone to anemia, it can be possible to have hair loss.

Exposure to styling of hair

If you have a career that hair styling is a requirement then this can also be a factor for hair loss. Exposing your hair to too much heat or instruments that involves changing of hair style is a big factor for hair damage. Hair treatments can also cause this because most treatments use chemicals. It is recommended to use organic products when it comes to hair treatment.

Aging in process

It is normal as we age that we have hair loss. The cycle of the hair is also aging so it is not rare as usual. There can be some remedies but not recommended by doctors for treatment. They can use hair vitamins that can be helpful to avoid the risk or hair loss and for the hair to be strong and healthy. The doctor can also recommend them to use wigs for hair replacement.

Drastic Weight Loss

It can also be the cause of weight loss. This kind or stress can lead to thinning of the hair. It can also be a sign incorporated with eating disorder like anorexia or bulimia. In this kind of cause, you need to have a balance diet and vitamins to maintain not just the body health, but also your diet and most especially for your hair cycle improvement and protecting the risk of hair loss.

Impulse Control Disorder

This kind of disorder that causes hair loss is when they are in a stressful state, their mannerism is to pull their hair that is voluntarily made by themselves.  Pulling the hair causes the natural protection of the hair to dysfunction. This disorder is called trichotillomania. This disorder is more common to women than to men since women’s hair is longer.


Hair loss also occurs to women who are pregnant. Hair loss will only be present after they gave birth to a child. It is also connected to the female hormones too. It can also be connected to stress since giving birth to a baby is a kind of physical stress.

These are just some of the causes. There are still other causes such as heredity, protein deficiency, too much Vitamin A, Vitamin B deficiency and the list goes on. To prevent hair loss there are various solutions and alternatives such as staying healthy, drink vitamins or put organic treatments for your hair, also lessen your hair to too much hair treatment and heat exposure. Hair is a part of our face and it can also be a part of our daily lifestyle. Whatever that is, it is important to take care of your hair. Again our hair is also one of our assets to beauty and wellness.

Is It Possible To Cure Androgenetic Alopecia In Women?

Androgenetic alopecia in women
androgenetic alopecia natural treatmentAndrogenetic alopecia is hair loss due to genetic factors. In women, it does not occur as easily as in men (9 out of 10 after 21 years), and it is estimated that 15% of women suffer before 40, and almost 40% from of menopause. Perhaps because it is not so widespread, androgenic alopecia in women is often associated with depression, and therefore treating it in time is essential.
Unlike the male condition, female androgenetic alopecia is not recognizable by hair loss, but by the loss of density and the appearance of clear areas, particularly in the upper part of the head, derived from the degradation of the hair follicles.
If you want to know in which phase of androgenetic alopecia you are and what is the best treatment for your case, consult our experts.


androgenetic alopecia causesThe loss of hair density is caused by the degradation of the hair follicles, particularly after the arrival of menopause. This degradation is caused by a higher than expected presence of certain male hormones, among which are testosterone, androsterone and, the main cause of alopecia common in men, dihydrotestosterone or DHT. These male hormones cause the depletion of hair follicles, which are clusters of hairs, and causes less hair to grow and more fragile.
Unlike in the case of men, these follicles do not dry completely but continue to grow hair. This is the reason why it is not common for this alopecia to produce total baldness in women.
How does androgenetic alopecia affect women
It usually manifests once the menopause is reached and the first symptoms are the loss of capillary density in the upper part of the head and the crown. In hairstyles with the stripe in the middle, it is easy to distinguish its evolution: the line that separates both layers of hair will be widened, making the scalp more and more visible. The whole hair will not be lost, but it will be thinner and thinner.
To assess the state of this alopecia, Dr. Erich Ludwig created in 1977 a scale that graphically described the evolution of androgenetic alopecia in women: the Ludwig scale.
Since the first stages (IV) consist above all in the weakening of the hair, for this phase the measures aimed at the stimulation of the hair follicles are particularly effective.
• Capillary laser. It is a beam of light that is applied directly on the scalp and improves blood circulation in the area, making the hair follicles receive more oxygen and nutrients. This stimulation makes the hair grow stronger and more abundant.
• Biostimulation capillary. There are several techniques that prevent hair loss, stop it and, in some cases, regenerate hair growth. In Dermatological Medical Institute three techniques are practiced:
• BET Transdermal Biostimulation
• VitaX Regeneration
• PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)
At stage VI, and with the density difference between healthy and weakened hair already fully visible, solutions to combat female alopecia go through definitive measures such as:
Hair integration systems. They are pieces of the patient’s natural hair that are integrated into their hair thanks to a mesh of breathable thread and gives it greater volume and density. As it is the same as the user’s hair (it is his hair), the result is homogeneous and natural.
• Capillary micrografting. It is a minor surgical intervention that consists of extracting hair from the healthy area of the patient to insert it where it needs it.